Lafayette's Birthday Educational Cards 2

To Commemorate our Revolutionary War Hero's birthday.

Lafayette A New Song, Composed by a Gentleman of Philadelphia. Poem printed on rag paper and India ink. Mr. Joshua Loper.

This painting was graciously allowed to be posted on our website by Joshua Loper until his permission is revoked and permission was given for one hundred educational cards to be printed and handed out at educational events by Joshua Loper.

These were printed to be handed out at General Lafayette's Birthday educational programs at the Hale-Byrnes House on September the 11th and 12th 2021.

Hale Byrnes House: 606 Stanton-Christiana Rd, Newark, Delaware 19713

Lafayette landed in America on June 13th, 1777.

He celebrated his 20th birthday at the Hale-Byrnes House on Sept. 6th, 1777.

Soon after, he participated in his first battle at the Battle of Brandywine (largest and longest single-day battle of the American Revolution) on Sept. 11th, 1777. Although being wounded in the leg early in the battle, he continued to calmly organize the retreat from the field.